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Is Online Business is Better Than Freelancing?

Having been a stay at home mom for five years now, there are times that I feel that I want to do something more than just doing household chores or taking care of the family. As the kids grow up, I tend to have more time for myself and rather than spend those times bumming around I decided to do freelance jobs.

Although I did found some good data-entry or writing jobs, it is almost often that they would give you a low starting rate and even asks you to do other jobs than what you have agreed at first. Worst yet that I have experienced is being scammed by those who asks sample of works, then they would never contact you anyway. Thus I have given them free work. It is frustrating to think of how hard I worked for in freelancing, yet I am often under compensated.

When a former employer asked me to do research about setting up an online business, I discovered new ways to earn rather than freelancing. I decided to set up my own online business. But since I am new in this business, I searched online for a guide that can be my safety net once I have questions that I do not understand.

I actually found a good guide. Having a chronological explanations and steps to do, every time that I spent on learning and setting up my business has been well worth it. The hours that I spent working, gave me an immediate answer. A compensation that is so good that I decided never to freelance again. With my own online business, I have an assurance that every work I do will result into a good income. The guided system from my training program helped me know the right ways to tap for results to show in my business.

Having an online business has been really profitable for me, I now earn more than I used to and those come from a few hours of work daily. Yes, there is still work to do in an online business. The particular business I took does not require having stocks or directly selling, all I do is to promote them and that is it but still I need to exert hard work in promoting.

In online business work, effort and time are essential to succeed. In a business like this focusing and aiming for the right spots is important. These is where my training program helped me. My hard work could have been futile efforts, if not for the knowledge I got. It is integral in this business to know the new ways and means of profiting, one way you do today may not give you the same result tomorrow. Here is it, without the right knowledge you may spend 8 hours everyday yet will not see any results ever, that is how crucial what right knowledge can do for you in this online business.

Now if you are still doing freelance jobs, then why not try having an online business instead. Once you see the results of your hard work, you may not want to return to freelancing anymore.
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