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Is Online Business is Better Than Freelancing?

Having been a stay at home mom for five years now, there are times that I feel that I want to do something more than just doing household chores or taking care of the family. As the kids grow up, I tend to have more time for myself and rather than spend those times bumming around I decided to do freelance jobs.

Although I did found some good data-entry or writing jobs, it is almost often that they would give you a low starting rate and even asks you to do other jobs than what you have agreed at first. Worst yet that I have experienced is being scammed by those who asks sample of works, then they would never contact you anyway. Thus I have given them free work. It is frustrating to think of how hard I worked for in freelancing, yet I am often under compensated.

When a former employer asked me to do research about setting up an online business, I discovered new ways to earn rather than freelancing. I decided to set up my own online business. But since I am new in this business, I searched online for a guide that can be my safety net once I have questions that I do not understand.

I actually found a good guide. Having a chronological explanations and steps to do, every time that I spent on learning and setting up my business has been well worth it. The hours that I spent working, gave me an immediate answer. A compensation that is so good that I decided never to freelance again. With my own online business, I have an assurance that every work I do will result into a good income. The guided system from my training program helped me know the right ways to tap for results to show in my business.

Having an online business has been really profitable for me, I now earn more than I used to and those come from a few hours of work daily. Yes, there is still work to do in an online business. The particular business I took does not require having stocks or directly selling, all I do is to promote them and that is it but still I need to exert hard work in promoting.

In online business work, effort and time are essential to succeed. In a business like this focusing and aiming for the right spots is important. These is where my training program helped me. My hard work could have been futile efforts, if not for the knowledge I got. It is integral in this business to know the new ways and means of profiting, one way you do today may not give you the same result tomorrow. Here is it, without the right knowledge you may spend 8 hours everyday yet will not see any results ever, that is how crucial what right knowledge can do for you in this online business.

Now if you are still doing freelance jobs, then why not try having an online business instead. Once you see the results of your hard work, you may not want to return to freelancing anymore.
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Virtual Assistant Jobs

With the rising demand for employment in several business establishments all over the United States, you will find that these offices are loaded with employees that accomplish various tasks as required by Management. These employees cover all the functions of the business to be able to attain its aims and goals which lead to profit. As you may notice day in and day out, there are different positions from managerial to clerical advertised to the public in local newspaper or through online sites. Recruitment usually takes its course to find the most suitable candidate for the position. And this begins the cycle of employment.

However, there are considerable amount of people who prefer to work at home. They still may go through the usual routine of recruitment but they work separately from the rest of the staff of a particular establishment. Or perhaps they have been hand-picked by their prospective employer. It seems that there is a need for outsourcing manpower outside the company. These types of people prefer to work home because they find it more convenient and hassle-free. You can count doting parents as possible candidates for this so-called position. They do have responsibilities as taking care of young kids or would want a serene atmosphere than regular offices have. Though they may be working home-based, they are pretty much confident that they can fulfill their respective tasks. Besides they are equipped with the necessary tools and materials to make them function well. This is for the simple reason why they choose to become virtual assistants for certain employers.

Though you do not get to see virtual assistants in your day-to-day routine but you do get in touch with them regularly through phone or over the Internet. They can specifically function like regular personal assistants does: monitor your schedule, make necessary arrangements for possible meetings and appointments, arrange travel plans, check and answer mails as per instruction, pay necessary bills through online access, online enquiry for personal or business purposes, monitor and maintain ongoing projects and other similar administrative functions. Also, if you plan to become virtual assistants, you should make sure that you have the following equipments like computers with Internet access, printers, fax machines and copiers. Though they may be not working in a regular office but they can be at your beck and call and they can be as effective and efficient as you would want them to be.

But as virtual assistants, you do have your share of disadvantages. This is because you do not get the benefits that regular employees are entitled to. As a separate entity, you get to secure and pay your own social security, health insurances and taxes individually. And you need to ensure that you adhere to certain tax laws and licensing requirements.

It really does not matter if you are self-employed or working as an employee of a prominent office. What is important is that you love what you are doing, you are benefiting from it and you deliver results as expected
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Career Of A Medical Assistant

Medical assisting is a great career to get into. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics this career is expected to grow much faster than average, especially for those who are certified. A medical assistant career also gives you a good change to have a great deal of variety in your day to day job.

Most medical assistants work in the offices of physicians performing a mix of administrative and clinical work. As you spend a lot of time dealing with patients, a medical assistant career is good for those who like to work with people. The exact mix of administrative and clinical work that is performed by a medical assistant is determined by the office where they work and the state that they work in. Some states allow medical assistants to do more clinical tasks than others.

In order to begin a medical assistant career, you usually need to complete an accredited one to two year program in medical assisting. Depending on the program, you will then receive a certificate, diploma, or associates degree. Once you have completed your degree you can begin searching for a job. This will be easier if you also go through the certification process to become either a Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) or a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA). These certifications prove to an employer that you have the proper knowledge base to embark upon a medical assistant career.

Medical assistants help physicians by handling a lot of the basic office tasks, as well as filling out paperwork for laboratory work, insurance, and patient records. They also help deal with the patients by taking medical histories, preparing patients for exams, and instructing them on any required medications or special diets. They might also draw blood, administer medications as directed, collect samples for lab work, and perform other clinical tasks.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with a medical assistant career made a mean annual salary of $28,270 as of May 2007, with the lowest paid 10% making less than $19,850 per year and the highest paid 10% making more than $38,490 per year. A variety of factors can affect the salary of someone with a medical assistant career, including whether or not they are certified, how much experience they have, where they are located, and the type of office they work in. If they have studied to become a more specialized medical assistant this will make a difference as well.
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Some At Home Jobs

For many people, the costs associated with a daily commute to a distant work site can be daunting. If children are involved, then there are the added expenses of professional childcare while the parent is at work. The cost of maintaining proper business attire can also be a challenge to those just starting out in their career fields. One solution growing in popularity is telecommuting, or work at home jobs.

Some stay at home jobs are extensions of household duties already being performed, such as laundry services, childcare and food preparation. Stay at home parents with suitable skills can operate their own daycare centers for working parents, for instance. They may need to obtain proper business licenses and/or professional certification, but childcare services are often in great demand and is an ideal home-based business for experienced parents.

Other work at home jobs can be more creative in nature, such as the creation of specialty crafts or foods. Some people who prefer to work out of their homes will spend their time creating marketable craft or food items during the week and either sell them directly on weekends or consign them to established merchants for retail sale. Some investment in specialized equipment or supplies may be necessary, but many people discover they can easily market their homemade products through online auction websites such as eBay.

Many of the at home jobs available today, however, are generally more technical in nature. Some workers may be able to set up satellite offices in their homes and perform their regular duties by telecommuting. Data entry jobs which require substantial keyboarding but little interaction with co-workers or customers can often be performed in a home environment. The telecommuter can receive his or her assignments through email, process the files and upload the finished work back to the company through a secure Internet connection. Not all jobs are suitable for this kind of telecommuting, but a surprising number of routine office jobs can be modified to at least become part-time at home jobs.

Some people have found employment as customer service representatives or other telecommunication workers, which allow them to choose their own hours of availability by logging in and out of their home phone system or an Internet connection. Many companies are eager to hire or subcontract with home-based telecommunicators who are fluent in their native language and can be trained to handle routine communications such as reservations, tech support and customer service. These jobs may be advertised in magazines and online websites dedicated to stay at home parents and others who need to telecommute or work at home.

At home online jobs have also become more popular as the Internet continues to expand. Freelance writers and editors can bid for these online at home jobs, which can provide residual income if their work is associated with online advertising such as Google's AdSense program. Competition for these online at home jobs can be substantial, but many website owners are willing to pay good wages for quality content from experienced writers or experts in the field.

Other online at home jobs could include processing medical transcriptions, working as a mystery shopper or participating in online surveys and research projects.

Telecommuting is not always an ideal solution for those who prefer to remain in the loop in a standard office environment, but for those who need to stay at home for personal reasons or prefer to work with minimal supervision, many at home jobs can prove to be just as satisfying as making the long daily commute to an office or factory. Having the option of a thirty second commute to the home computer or the freedom to work in your pajamas can also be appealing in its own way.
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How can I Prepare to Work from Home?

For many people, having the opportunity to work from home seems like an attractive alternative to their daily commute, but those who work from home on a regular basis say that there are some significant trade-offs and sacrifices which must be made. Telecommuting has become increasingly popular in recent years, but preparing to work from home requires more than simply setting up a satellite office or uploading files to a company's server. Working from home can be a complete change in professional and personal lifestyle.

In order to work from home effectively, there must be a clear delineation between professional workspace and personal living space. A spare bedroom, den or utility room can be converted into a home office or workshop, but it must be recognized as a professional area by all family members. The workload for employees who work from home is not necessarily lighter than the workload for employees in a centralized office. You must establish times when you are clearly 'at work' and not to be disturbed by other family members. It can be very easy to become distracted by personal events going on around you during work hours.

Another way to prepare to work from home is to invest in office, communication and storage equipment. Many telecommuters who used to work in an office environment may not even realize how many amenities are missing in a home office. There may be no copy stations with fax machines and printers in your spare bedroom. Important company documents and other paperwork must be stored somewhere. Internet connections may need to be upgraded and specialized equipment may need to be professionally installed.

Once logistics and workspace issues have been dealt with, there are other considerations when you decide to work from home. While the idea of working in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt has its appeal, you may begin to feel isolated from the company and the interpersonal dynamics of a busy office or workshop. There is some truth to the expression 'out of sight, out of mind', and you may have to take steps to remain on the company's radar. When you work from home, you often end up trading social and professional interaction for privacy and financial savings. You may want to visit the main office from time to time in order to stay abreast of current developments and changes.

One very important consideration when choosing to work from home is self-discipline. Regular office workers may be tempted to spend a few extra minutes on a coffee break or take an extended lunch, but supervisors may keep such activities to a minimum during work hours. When you work from home, you may not have such restrictions. A ten minute coffee break could easily become a half-hour phone call with your best friend. There is no timeclock or lunch whistle when you work from home. In order to telecommute or run an independent business from home, you need to develop enough self-discipline to avoid all of those tempting time-killers throughout the day.
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Translation Jobs

Translation jobs are on a huge demand these days. People with good communication have a chance to strive in this industry. But what more a good communication can give to the profession? It is an effective communication that you have to practice to succeed.

Here are some highly demanded translation jobs:

# English to Spanish (vice versa)
# English to French (vice versa)
# English to German (vice versa)
# Arabic to English Translation Jobs (vice versa)
# English to Portages’ (vice versa)
# English to Arabic (vice versa)

Freelance translation jobs are today’s highest technological and electronic place to work and rules all the professions. With internet, emails, FTP, telecommunication, translators have the privilege of applying all modern communication tools to the job. It makes way to online translation jobs too. Gone are those days of using type writer and cut copy method to make translations but now you can use the internet to receive projects, work on the computer and send back the projects on the given deadline to the client.

Once the project starts confirm with the client for the language and deadline details. For instance, if the client sits in France and gives you a translation request to French, then you have to clarify if it is for France or Africa or Mexico or any other nation. Time and again you will also receive requests to translate personal documents like birth certificate or passport etc.

Today’s online translation jobs judge the translator’s efficiency of completing the task. This revolution is entirely attributed to the internet. The jobs vary from interpreter translation jobs, language translation jobs etc. There are various websites that list out online translation jobs that you can start immediately, and they can help you to start from scratch.

A translator is required to have a background in freelancing. Translation agencies can also help you train in this area and help you to start working with clients. There is Association for Translators and a certificate from them can also help your career.

So for all those freelance translators, you can do all your work at home whatever time you want and work from home as this profession is highly demanded. So chase your dreams with your dream career.
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Outsourced Forum Posting: Earn by posting on forums

I haven't got around to completing my research of the transcription work from home jobs yet. But a few days ago I stumbled upon another type of work from home job which seems very interesting.

I usually post on many different forums each day, but today I discovered that many website owners will actually pay people to write posts on their forums, so as to make their websites look busy, thus attracting more traffic.



The rates for posting vary greatly but theres alot a wide variety of subjects offered for posting about. I've been researching some of these websites this week, and I'll report back when I find some more which are applicable to working from home in Ireland.


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Outsourced Data Entry: Data Entry work at home

There are lots of data entry jobs out there, but this seems to be an area where the scammers operate the most, so you may find that 99% of search engine results will be scams. I've included lots of links to some very good information websites and also links to the companies who are actually looking to hire people.










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Outsourced Writing: Earn by writing articles

There are many opportunities out there to make money from writing and blogging, anyone can do this and you don't need any qualifications. You just need to select an interesting topic which you know lot about.

The following are the websites which currently pay people to write and blog for them.


Pay Per Post



Blogging Ads

Loud Launch

Blogger Wave


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Outsource guru provides info and links to people who would like to
1. Outsource some of their routine, time-consuming stuff, for a small amount of money.
2. Would like to earn some bucks by helping people with there stuff.
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